Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So the orientation was over and i would say it was satisfactory except the last day which ended at 1 when it was supposed to end at 5. It was pointless that i traveled for 2 hrs to KL and the orientation only lasts for 3 hours.

Well BAC appears to be a fairly competitive school where people speaks pro English and make high-standard jokes. So i learned something useful from there.

Just laugh if people laughs, even if you don't understand the jokes, because if they laugh, it means the jokes are laughable. So laugh makes you the same level they are

By the way i enjoy studying in this ambiance as i always steps behind those inborn language speakers who speak in great fluency or gifted debaters capable to overturn facts. So i have them as my target and sooner or later, i can be as good as them. Being skillful speaker and debater is my goal after all.

So here goes, everything is set and the outcome depends on me now. Traveling to and fro from Banting to KL is lonely and tiring but i will soon discover the underlying enjoyment.

Enjoy =]