Monday, November 1, 2010





吉隆坡的生活方式与水准跟万津有些不同,感觉上我就好像是刘姥姥进大观园(刚好我也是姓刘!)。一个人从大家从没听过的城市来到这个大都市,小小的文化差异也是难免,所以除了读书,大部分时间都花在摸索吉隆坡朋友的沟通模式。某些时候在吉隆坡呆上几个礼拜才回家,会有一些时候觉得很难跟家人沟通,原来是自己已经被定格成吉隆坡的沟通模式了,哈哈!其实还蛮享受这种需要定时调整沟通模式的生活,至少让我学会见人讲人话 ><

说到万津律师杀人事件(我知道风波已经过去了,可是我还是要讲),对他其实又爱又恨,爱是他用很血腥的管道让我的吉隆坡朋友认识万津(随后整个学院的人都叫我banting killer),之前都是一种‘万津是超级落后的甘邦’的印象(我们有水泥房子!)。 恨是他让我以后回来万津找不到生意><,朋友的家长还告诉她千万不可以和律师有来往 TT 我只是一个无辜的邻家男孩,我很善良。



Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So the orientation was over and i would say it was satisfactory except the last day which ended at 1 when it was supposed to end at 5. It was pointless that i traveled for 2 hrs to KL and the orientation only lasts for 3 hours.

Well BAC appears to be a fairly competitive school where people speaks pro English and make high-standard jokes. So i learned something useful from there.

Just laugh if people laughs, even if you don't understand the jokes, because if they laugh, it means the jokes are laughable. So laugh makes you the same level they are

By the way i enjoy studying in this ambiance as i always steps behind those inborn language speakers who speak in great fluency or gifted debaters capable to overturn facts. So i have them as my target and sooner or later, i can be as good as them. Being skillful speaker and debater is my goal after all.

So here goes, everything is set and the outcome depends on me now. Traveling to and fro from Banting to KL is lonely and tiring but i will soon discover the underlying enjoyment.

Enjoy =]

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Do every after-spm student will suffer from this "disease" (to me it is) ?

At first i thought it was a after-spm temporary mental disorder, as we just switched to another world, world without books and readings.

But it had been persisting for more than a month :(

It wasn't very severe until i can't recognize my parents, but it just keep making myself to indulge in another space, just like i aren't living in my real world, i'm just physically commanding it, i've been a surrogate :(

A symptom which convinced myself to believe that i've been suffering from this so-far-remain-unknown disease is i keep having weird dialogue and sms conversations with everyone around me. After that i couldn't remember what kind of words i've spitted out and what i've done few hours ago, i'm just talking and moving unconsciously and robotically. Sounds scary, i'm losing the control over myself, bit by bit.

But who actually had took over it? I guess my body already has a built-in auto pilot mode which i can press it and leave it to move itself, just like pilots do with the airplane, and i accidentally activate it, probably during my sleeps. I sleep a lot :)

So i concluded, myself have been separated from my body.

Hey anyone has the right medication to cure this and fix me back to my body? I miss it a lot, and i want to switch off the auto-pilot mode!

Do it before CNY please :)