Sunday, January 24, 2010


Do every after-spm student will suffer from this "disease" (to me it is) ?

At first i thought it was a after-spm temporary mental disorder, as we just switched to another world, world without books and readings.

But it had been persisting for more than a month :(

It wasn't very severe until i can't recognize my parents, but it just keep making myself to indulge in another space, just like i aren't living in my real world, i'm just physically commanding it, i've been a surrogate :(

A symptom which convinced myself to believe that i've been suffering from this so-far-remain-unknown disease is i keep having weird dialogue and sms conversations with everyone around me. After that i couldn't remember what kind of words i've spitted out and what i've done few hours ago, i'm just talking and moving unconsciously and robotically. Sounds scary, i'm losing the control over myself, bit by bit.

But who actually had took over it? I guess my body already has a built-in auto pilot mode which i can press it and leave it to move itself, just like pilots do with the airplane, and i accidentally activate it, probably during my sleeps. I sleep a lot :)

So i concluded, myself have been separated from my body.

Hey anyone has the right medication to cure this and fix me back to my body? I miss it a lot, and i want to switch off the auto-pilot mode!

Do it before CNY please :)

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