Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a hug for Pak Lah

Tomorrow will hav the chance to shook hands with my dearest Pak Lah.

Maybe a big hug?

Or even a...warm kiss?

yark..i'd prefer put myself into a oven and cook..

Yet not every person hav the chance to OBSERVE and EXAMINE him within a distance of 1meter..

perhaps i'll hav the chance to do this tomorrow..wakaka..

maybe this is the last chance to see him as the prime minister of malaysia..Few months after tat, fatty Najib will take over his position.

I hate Najib, i hate his style of "playing" politics and his cunning and dishonest characters.

However, the ppl i m going to see tomorrow is Pak Lah, not Najib, feel better, mabe will invite Pak Lah to join DAP after Najib becum the new prime minister..wahaha

looking forward tomorrow..

cameras stand by,
baju batik stand by,
spiky hairs stand by,
handsome pose stand by,
everyone smile,



  1. omg where u going to meet pak lah????????
    i didnt even know najib is taking over prime minister!!!!!!!!
    die jor..
    msia is going to be sold!

  2. our menteri perdana...pakcik abdulah~~~pak lah