Wednesday, January 21, 2009

well well well

today was the election of the committee for sports and games societies..

everyone especially the form 5 students were aiming for vital positions such as president and vice president as they need marks for coco..

see..they are such a realist..this kind of thinkings definitely don't suit my personality..

i was always ready to help teachers..not to get the marks but to express my kindness and show my helpfulness..

wahahaha..never seen this kind of person before leh..shameful..


then after the assembly we turned up for the election of chess club..

well..the club's teacher advisor said that the chosen one must able to help other members..means that he/she has to be a chess expert..

then some friends from our clan stood up and recommended each others..then two members from our clan ran for the president's throne..all together there were 3 candidates..inclusive of an Indian student..which was the teacher advisor's son..

before the election..both of our friends were trying hard to make teacher adviser to notice them..1 was acting as class monitor to call the students to keep quiet..another 1 was sitting there in a very very polite manner..

sounds good huh ?

then...the results was..

XXX (our clan members) - 2 votes
XXX (another 1) - 1 vote
teacher advisor's son - 21 votes

wakakaka..all of us laughed until almost fell on the ground when seeing this expected but unexpected results..i thought the least they can have 4-6 votes..but..........

after that they kept giving us explanations why they only got 1 vote..what they don't have election manifesto..what teacher's son..all kinds of reasons they could figure out..

wahahahaha..never met a funny election like that..


tomorrow banting will have a new year celebration party and i am the emcee..well that's okay but i need to speak in english..

oh what the he**..

i tongue will probably mess up all together when speaking english..

and i haven't practise..din even browse through the part which i am in charge..

anyhow..i will definitely try my best !


friend's apparatus drawings..that burette looks like rocket..
laugh until vomiting..(not so serious la!)


during this period..i will practise to write in english as my english had became rusty..
so please forgive my grammatical mistakes or broken vocabs..they are innocent!

thanks a lot..


  1. 怎么开始写英文了...唉。
    well, u do have some mistakes, but I won't be a snob to point it out one by XD
    like u said, they are innocent.
    good luck!

  2. english..

  3. aiyorr~~

    saya pai seh la...duno english geh..

    zomok u write in english jekk..XD

    i wan read bahasa cina lehh~~>.<

  4. welcum to my new blog~~~

  5. dei...u kena tagged...
    wanna noe wat happen go view my blog...